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A Happy New Year!

My face is pale. Because my wife told me I have sleep apnea, I am The three cats, from Japan.

A Happy new year to love doll fans and adult game lovers all over the country. I took a break from game production during the New Year holidays, but it looks like I'm finally starting to get back on my feet.

As I wrote last time, what I want to make in the end is a video or game in which beautiful characters move in a disgusting way, but suddenly making something like that is a high hurdle. Therefore, I am familiarizing myself from the operation method of each software now.

I used DAZStudio, Blender, Unity, (UnrealEngine5.1). It's only superficial, but I'll try to write what I felt when I touched it.

DAZ Studio

I was moved by the beautiful and obscene 3D images created by professionals. It was good until the installation of the main body, but changing the hair and outfit is not going well. It may be due to the version of Genesis, but it may not be possible to create a satisfying character with only free assets. I felt that the hurdles were high for me as a beginner. It's good that even an amateur can intuitively move it to some extent, but if you stumble a little, you can't solve it easily, and an hour will go by in a blink of an eye. There are few online learning courses on Udemy, and even if there are, it hurts to learn a foreign language. It would be rude to ask a question to someone who writes a DAZ-related blog. so


In conclusion, I decided to make videos and games centered on Unity. Animation assets are prepared, so if you can create animation in Unity, game creation and animation are completed with this software, so it's the most efficient for an amateur like me who doesn't remember well. In addition, there is an overwhelming amount of information in Japanese. Unity has a lot of information published on Youtube and blogs. I'm sure I'll eventually need to learn the C# language properly, but I think I'll be able to do it to some extent without writing code as much as possible. The purpose is not to study, I want to keep my motivation by having fun.


It's good software for creating characters from scratch, but I'm not trying to be an artist. I just want to tweak existing characters and see my favorite characters in action. The bone (armature) settings are also very detailed. It's difficult to learn how to use DAZ, Blender, and Unity, and it's Unity that can do both videos and games. I was. So far, the work done in Blender is importing figures in DAZ to Blender and setting armatures.

Unreal Engine 5.1

It doesn't seem to work unless it's a high-performance PC, and I can't even start it on my current laptop. So this is out of the scope for now, and I've decided to consider it after I've saved enough money to make sure I can make a game.

The only concern is that remodeling is not allowed when using paid assets, and it is not possible to add a vagina or penis to make it a game character because of the license. What shall we do? Will it be necessary to create from scratch with DAZ or Blender? Or maybe there's some kind of trick.

Currently, I'm coding based on sample games such as breakout games, escape games, and 3D tag games. I feel like I've finally gotten used to using Unity, so next time I'd like to change characters, add effects, and add sound effects and voices.








ゼロからキャラクターを制作するのには良いソフトウェアなのでしょうが、わたしは芸術家になろうとしているのでは無いのです。既存のキャラクターを微調整させて頂いて、好きなキャラクターが動くのを見たいだけなのです。ボーン(アーマチュア)の設定もとても細かいです。DAZ、Blender、Unityとそれぞれ使い方を覚えるのも難儀だし、動画とゲーム、両方出来るのはUnityだし、効率的に作業するならまずはUnityでゲームや動画を形にしてみて、それからまた考えようと思いました。今のところBlenderで行った作業は、DAZ to Blenderでのフィギュアインポート、アーマチュアの設定までです。






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