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Let’s dance G8F on Unity

Good morning, afternoon,evening to all love dollers, adult video and game fans. I amThree cats who work safety drive every day.

This time, I've learned from various YouTuber's videos so far, so I'm going to challenge myself to animate DAZ Studio's G8F figure with Unity.

By the way, a few days ago, I recently purchased an adult game called 'Succubus Cafe', and the characters that appear are so cute and sexy that I couldn't help but play for a long time. Penis and vagina modeling, insertion and pistons are made very realistically. The expressions are rich, and the voice actors' acting is decent enough, so you can immerse yourself in them. I also want to get closer to this kind of video.

Importing with DAZ to Unity Bridge, Since there is a Unity project that was imported last time, open it.


今回は、いままでさまざまなYouTuberさんの動画で学んできたので、DAZ StudioのG8FフィギュアをUnityでアニメーションを付けてみることにチャレンジします。


DAZ to Unity Bridgeでインポート


スクリーンショット (141)

G8F is a slap. It's just for the purpose of animation. That's it. It is already in the hierarchy. You will be adding various components to the inspector in the future.

Animation from MIXAMO
For the animation, we will use Adobe's free material called MIXAMO. Choose your favorite animation and download it.



スクリーンショット (142)

Drag and drop the downloaded data onto Unity assets.


スクリーンショット (143)

Next, we will set up this data. When you click this Rumba Dance, setting items appear in Inspector, so set Rig → Humanoid and apply with Apply.


このRumba Dance をクリックするとInspactorに設定項目が出てくるので、Rig→Humanoidに設定してApplyで適用させます。

スクリーンショット (144)

I was able to apply animation to free material figures from Unity Asset Store without any problems, but can animation be applied successfully to G8F of DAZ to Unity Bridge! ? If you're a professional, you'll probably be able to do a little bit of adjustment, but I am just an amateur, I'll be frustrated.

Unity Asset Storeのフリー素材のフィギュアは、問題なくアニメーションを適用できていたのですが、DAZ to Unity BridgeのG8Fに上手くアニメーションを適用出来るんでしょうか!?プロなら調整などをちょちょいとやって出来るのでしょうが、素人がやると躓きっぱなしですね・・・。

スクリーンショット (145)

Next, check Loop Time on the Animation tab. I will put it in, or rather, I was told to put it in, so I put it in. As the video says. It's not like I know what I'm doing...

次にAnimationタブのLoop Timeにチェックを入れます。入れます、というか、入れて下さいと言われたので入れてます。動画の言われるままに。自分が分かってやってるわけではありません・・・。

スクリーンショット (146)

Next, create an Animation Controller. It can be created by right-clicking in Assets of the project → Create → Animation Controller. Once created, give the file a name of your choice for easy identification.

次にAnimation Controllerの作成をします。
projectのAssets内で右クリック→Create→Animation Controllerで作成できます。作成されたら分かりやすいように好きなファイル名にしておきます。

スクリーンショット (148)

Double-click the created one, it will be displayed in the Base Layer as shown in the figure → Expand Rumba Dance → Drag and drop the triangular file called

作成されたものをダブルクリックするとBase Layerに図のように表示される→Rumba Dance を展開→mixamo.comという三角形のファイルをドラッグアンドドロップします。

スクリーンショット (149)

Then it will look like this: Next, there is no Animator in Figure → Inspector in Hierarchy, so add it from add component.


次、Hierarchy内のフィギュア→InspectorにAnimatorがありませんので、add componentから追加します。

スクリーンショット (151)

It's been going smoothly up to this point. . . Added successfully.


スクリーンショット (152)

Therefore, Controller is None, but drag and drop Rumba Dance here.

そこで、ControllerがNoneとなっていますが、ここにさきほどのRumba Dance をドラッグアンドドロップします。

スクリーンショット (153)

Now, It should be able to set it up. YouTuber Kibo's video worked fine with this, but now. Below is the Game tab.


スクリーンショット (154)

I tried running it, but it doesn't work! Well, from here is the place to stick. When I look at various setting items that look like that, Avatar is None. This is so suspicious. So I'm looking for this Genesis8Female, but I can't find it. I thought it was. and try to add it.



スクリーンショット (156)

Then she start dancing!


Oh, I'm glad she is dancing! It's a pretty cool move. Now I can import a DAZ figure, create a sex scene, and run it in a Unity 3D game! Thank you very much, YouTuber,!