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I tried to make video with Unity2022.2f1

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to love doll fans and adult game lovers all over the country. Three cats who spend their spare time at a cafe writing blogs and tinkering with Unity. The featured image is a DAZ Studio G8F bathed in the setting sun dropped into Unity2020.3.43f1 HDRP. The skin is green at first, she is the Hulk (image below)! I was surprised, but when I deleted all the objects, it returned to its proper appearance. Except for the eyes... Well, if you look closely, does the hulk skin have eyes properly? ?

全国のラブドールファン、並びにアダルトゲーム好きの皆様、おはこんばんちは。仕事の合間を縫ってカフェでブログを書いたりUnityをいじっている、猫三匹です。アイキャッチ画像は夕日を浴びるDAZ StudioのG8FをUnity2020.3.43f1のHDRPに落としたものです。初めは肌が緑色で、ハルクや(下の画像)!と驚いたのですが、オブジェクトを全て削除してみるとちゃんとした姿に戻りました。目を除いては・・・。あれ、よく見たらハルク肌の方は目がちゃんとついている??

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I want a another house for only sex dolls
Since my child is in elementary school, I spend most of the winter vacation at home. All I can do is wake up when my family is asleep and play quietly with my favorite doll. . . I don't go so far as to buy a vacation home if I have some financial leeway, but I always think it would be nice to have a space where I can rent a condominium and arrange love dolls and play whenever I want.


HDRP in Unity is Photoreal
For adult game production, I use Unity as the game engine, and I think DAZ Studio or Unity will make the animation by purchasing the figures to be used in DAZ Studio for a fee.

Unity's HDRP function is very high saturation and photoreal, so I thought it would be better to create the video itself in Unity. There was a tutorial for creating a video with this HDRP in the video of Unity's official YouTube account, so first make the same video using this as a model, then create a video with DAZ Studio's Genesis as a character, and if it goes well, it's original I would like to incorporate animation. It seems that the movie in Unity uses a function called CinemaStudio. It seems to be a function (?) introduced from 2021.2, and it is a function that I have not used in 2019.

アダルトゲーム制作ですが、ゲームエンジンはUnityを使用させていただき、キャラクターはDAZ Studioで使用するフィギュアを有料で購入して、アニメーションを作るのがDAZ Studioか、もしくはUnityと考えています。

UnityのHDRPという機能がとても高彩度でフォトリアルということで、動画自体もUnityで制作する方が良いと思いました。UnityのYouTube公式アカウントの動画にこのHDRPで動画を作成するチュートリアルがありましたので、これをお手本にまず同じ動画を作り、次にDAZ StudioのGenesisをキャラクターに動画を作成、それがうまくいったらオリジナルアニメーションを組み込もうと思っています。Unityでの動画はCinemaStudioという機能を使うらしいです。2021.2から導入された(?)機能らしく、わたしが今まで使っていた2019には無い機能ですね。

Unity evolves fast, fast
When I was watching the official YouTube channel, it was said that the rendering that used to take several hours can be done in tens of seconds in the future. I thought the evolution of technology was amazing, and I thought it would be hard for a company that sells rendering in the cloud. It is possible that the industry itself will disappear due to the evolution of technology. The rapid evolution means that the work that was difficult and complicated until now is simplified, so I always have to keep up with the latest information. The commentary videos sold on Udemy etc. are also becoming obsolete. No, no.


Regarding DAZ Studio's Genesis, is it okay to modify the sold figures or use them as game characters in terms of license? I asked the sales site.

For inquiries, please visit There are so many obscene expressions that you can't help but look at them and the time will pass in no time. . .

I sent an email and received a reply a few days later. I read your reply and the short answer is that it's okay to use it for game characters. However, it is free up to 50,000 downloads, and after that, a separate contract with the artist is required. What do you think? This 50,000 downloads. Games made by amateurs don't go like that! ? And what makes you confirm 50,000 downloads? It feels pretty rough. Also, normal figures don't have genitals (laughs). It would have to be retrofitted, but there was no mention of whether it was possible. How are your creators doing? Do DAZ Studio users who upload adult images not make videos?

Figures sold on the official website DAZ Store have an interactive license when used in Unity, but this Rendererotica doesn't seem to be that strict, so first buy a cute figure and put on a vagina. As a retrofit, I would like to operate DAZStudio so far and move it as a Unity character.

そのDAZ StudioのGenesisなんですが、販売されているフィギュアを改造したり、ゲームのキャラクターにするのはライセンス上オッケーですか?って販売サイトに問い合わせてみました。

問い合わせ先は、 です。これでもかっていうくらい卑猥な表現が盛り沢山で、眺めているとあっという間に時間が過ぎてしまいます。。。

返答を読み、まあ簡単に言うとゲームのキャラクターに使用するのは問題ないと。ただし50,000ダウンロードまでは無償、それ以上はアーティストと別途契約が必要とのこと。どうなんでしょうね。この50,000ダウンロードって。素人が作るゲームなんてそんな行きませんよね!?それに何をもって50,000ダウンロードを確認するんだろう?随分アバウトな感じです。あと、通常のフィギュアには性器は付いていません(笑)。後付けで装着する必要があるのですが、それの可否については言及されていませんでした。クリエイターさん達はどうしてるんですかね?アダルト画像をアップされているDAZ Studioユーザーさんは動画までは作らないのかな?

公式サイトのDAZ Storeで販売されているフィギュアはUnityで使用する時点でインタラクティブライセンスが発生するのですが、このレンダエロチカさん、そこまでは厳しくないようですので、まずは可愛いフィギュアを購入し、ヴァギナを後付け、ここまでをDAZStudioで操作して、Unityのキャラクターとして動かしてみようと思います。


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