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Making Animation on Unity 2022.2

It seems that the stomach is tired recently, so it is three cats who are doing a little fasting. It seems that the company I work for also undertakes election campaign support vehicles in addition to taxi business, and there is a vehicle in the garage with the name of the candidate displayed on the roof. Since it is part of the election campaign, it seems to be paid from public money, and it seems to be good that there are no gaps. It seems that there are requests from political parties and requests from candidates. Speaking of political parties, the NHK party will destroy NHK! What a pledge political party has come out. it's interesting.

Well, this time I actually created a video using Unity's recording function. It didn't go well as a result. For some reason the video is not generated during the final recording stage. I'm investigating the cause, but I still don't know. So, for the time being, I wanted to write a blog about where I went and make it a memorandum.

Please understand that it is written in English from the middle. . .




Install CinemaStudio 2021.2 or later version.

Next, install the free assets for Kaeru-chan animation, and add CinemaStudio as well.

2.Make Editor

スクリーンショット (168)

スクリーンショット (169)

3.Making Sequences

スクリーンショット (171)

スクリーンショット (173)

スクリーンショット (174)

スクリーンショット (175)

4.Placing stages

スクリーンショット (176)

スクリーンショット (177)

スクリーンショット (178)

スクリーンショット (179)

5.Allocate set to sequence

スクリーンショット (180)

スクリーンショット (181)

スクリーンショット (182)

The work process differs depending on the version. 2021 & 2022.
バージョンによって作業工程が異なります。 2021年と2022年。

6.Set a character.

スクリーンショット (183)

スクリーンショット (184)

スクリーンショット (185)

スクリーンショット (187)

スクリーンショット (189)

スクリーンショット (190)

スクリーンショット (191)

スクリーンショット (192)

I was able to create the sequence, set up the set, place the characters, and add the animation, but even after setting the all-important record track, the video is not generated. In the Unity official video, it's an expression that automatically records when the Game is played, but it doesn't work! ! Check the cause and continue. . .


スクリーンショット (195)


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