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Mysterious phenomenon

Good evening to all love doll fans and adult game fans all over the country, these three cats are the most soothing when playing with cats at home.

I drive a car every day for work and private, but I feel that the elderly driver rate is high. It is said that 25% of the population is elderly, but the percentage of the population that has a driver's license for a car over the age of 18 is higher. Sensually, 40-50% are elderly people? I want to think.

I often feel that if I am not careful, I will be in danger if I am not careful, such as jumping out of a side road, timing a right turn, and avoiding parking vehicles on the road and sticking out into the opposite lane. A drive recorder is now a must, speed is modest, and if you violate it, the fine will not be stupid.




A video has been generated!

Well, last time I wrote an event where the video was not generated for some reason, but the problem was solved.

That's the video above.

I'm embarrassed by my rudimentary mistake, but the end result was that I had been pressing the preview play button until now.



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However, that didn't solve everything. In this video, Shanks, a frog, and Jasper, an animal, were both running animations, but for some reason, Shanks is only stepping. Is it because the processing of the PC is not catching up? But it was running normally in the preview, so it's a really strange phenomenon. Well, the results were good enough in terms of learning the process of creating animation videos, so let's move on to the next step.


The next step is
1. Moving a girl character with Unity
2. Once you have the basic movements, create an animation of the action and apply it to the character
3. If you can do that, do it with a DAZ Studio figure

3.それが出来たらDAZ Studioのフィギュアでそれを行う

Because I'm using DAZ to Unity Bridge to import figures, but it doesn't work.
The current issues are:
1. Green skin (for HDRP, not for URP)
2. I import the animation after importing the figure, but it doesn't work

That's what it means.

というのも、DAZ to Unity Bridgeを使ってフィギュアをインポートしてくるのですが、どうもうまくいきません。


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