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I deleted my data by mistake! So…

Now, night and early in the morning, I am worried about freezing roads as the temperature drops below freezing.

The other day, my wife was hit by a high school student's bicycle and injured her arm. Fortunately nothing serious happened. It seems that I was in a hurry because I was late in the morning, and I was running at a good speed on the sidewalk. My wife is also a wife, and it seems that it was not good to turn around without checking behind her when trying to cross the sidewalk.

In most cases, both parties are at fault in some way. Excluding rear-end collisions and center line overs. I pointed out to her wife that I didn't look behind her, but she complained, 'It's my fault!'

I want you to be careful with bicycles, especially bicycles driven by junior high and high school students. We often see the news of tragic accidents in which people die after being caught in a gap between the wheels of a truck at an intersection during the morning commute to work or school. I understand that you are in a hurry, but if you die, you will have nothing to lose. Being late for school is nothing compared to being crushed by a truck. Get off your bike and walk across the crosswalk. If you don't have that much leeway, you'll be involved in an accident someday.

When I was young, I had a lot of traffic accidents, so I can't say anything arrogant. However, what I think now is to increase assumptions as much as possible and drive as if I were a ninja. If you think about how people who disregard or disregard the rules will behave, and the ambiguity and sloppiness of human senses, you will gradually be able to predict them.

In that sense, the drive recorder video of traffic accidents on YouTube is very informative.







By the way, last time I imported a DAZ Studio figure into Unity and tried using it as a third-person player, but when I added the zombie character, I accidentally deleted the entire scene!

Because of that, and because the player was originally a man, the movements were also masculine, so I thought I'd better recreate it. This time, instead of a third-person player template, I started a new 3D HDRP element project and re-added the characters. I also imported an animation of a female warrior from the Unity Asset Store and applied it.

However, this movement is subtle and not sexy at all (laughs). I'm thinking of changing it to a beautiful girl character animation.

さて、前回DAZ StudioのフィギュアをUnityにインポートして、三人称視点のプレイヤーで使ってみたのですが、ゾンビキャラクターを追加するときに、操作を誤ってシーン丸ごと消してしまいました!

そんなこともあったのと、プレイヤーが元々男性だったために、動きも男性的であったので、いっそのこと改めて作り直そうと思いました。今回は三人称視点プレイヤーのテンプレートではなく、3D のHDRP素のプロジェクトを新規で立ち上げて、キャラクターを追加しなおしました。ついでにUnity Asset Storeから女性戦士のアニメーションをインポートして、当てはめてみました。



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